Field Studies​

Our highly-trained field team consists of biologists, agricultural engineers and environmental scientists with many years of combined experience. We work together to design and conduct rigorous terrestrial ecotoxicology field studies with plant protection products (PPPs) that are tailored to our clients’ needs. This includes strategic adaptation of standard experimental designs, field- and data analysis methods but also the development of new approaches. Our experts also strive to proactively develop new field methods and state-of-the-art data analysis approaches (e.g. advanced statistics) so that we can provide the most effective solutions for ecotoxicological higher tier wildlife risk assessments. 

In addition to their field-related experience, our study directors also have extensive experience publishing peer reviewed papers (see selected publications). They work together closely with the regulatory science team to publish the results of field studies and in all other aspects of study design and interpretation.

Advantages of our studies

Studies can be of any duration and any size​

Studies can be performed in any crop type

We offer flexible study locations throughout Europe (i.e. in all 3 regulatory zones)​

We perform both single- and multi-site studies​

We can offer highly controlled semi-field (e.g. pen) and field studies in collaboration with our affiliate, the Neu-Ulrichstein Research Centre (FNU)​

Our considerable experience working with local farmers facilitates efficient and successful project realisation​

Studies comply with the most recent relevant guidelines and guidance documents​