Soil organisms

Our company also conducts soil organism studies, in particular, GLP effect- and residue studies on earthworms within all European registration zones according to ISO 11268-3 (2015) and ISO 23611-1 (2011). 

The methods we use to assess product effects on soil organisms include: 

  • Standardised sampling of earthworms (e.g. by hand-sorting and formaldehyde extraction)
  • Determination of product effects on abundance (counts and biomass) of different earthworm species (adults) or on representatives of different morphological groups (juveniles)
  • Assessment of species composition

To assess residues in soil organisms for ecotoxicological exposure assessment (e.g. in food items for wildlife), we routinely apply the following techniques: 

  • Standardised sampling (e.g. Octet method and hand-sorting), followed by residue analysis. Concentrations are used to confirm or refine the risk assessment
  • Determination of residue decline parameters (TWA and DT50 calculations)