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Regulatory Science

Our Regulatory Science Team links regulatory expertise to state-of-the-art science. Within regulatory science, we address a variety of topics related to PPP registration and beyond, including:


  • Refinements of risk evaluations for ecotoxicology (e.g. aquatic organisms, birds and mammals)
  • Position papers and publications for stakeholders
  • Scientific contribution to the development of regulatory guidance
  • Publication of scientific papers (see also here)
  • Data (re-)evaluation
  • Literature searches and reviews


With our comprehensive in-house knowledge of all non-target organisms relevant to the EU Dossier section on ecotoxicology (birds and mammals, aquatic organisms, bees, non-target arthropods, soil macro-organisms and non-target plants), we can offer higher tier risk assessments and refinements for:


  • Birds and mammals (including use of ‘weight-of-evidence’, literature data and field studies)
  • Aquatic organisms (including mesocosm studies, see also specialised regulatory services)
  • Bees and other pollinators (honey bees, bumble bees and solitary bees)
  • Non-target arthropods
  • Soil organisms
  • Non-target plants


In recent years, significant resources of the Regulatory Science Team have been devoted to developing data analyses and methodology to match current advances in statistical and analytical methods. These developments play an increasingly important role within regulatory science and hence are also highly relevant for the planning and analysis of our field studies (find out more about our statistical and analytical methods here).

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