The way to more biodiversity in agriculture

Agriculture in Europe is facing many challenges today. In this context, the focus of the public and of governments is increasingly shifting to sustainability, climate protection and the conservation of biodiversity on farmland. As consumers become increasingly concerned about the conditions under which their food is produced, the need for action is growing. In politics, it is foreseeable that lawmakers will implement further measures to protect biodiversity on farmland in addition to those already in place. This may happen at the level of the registration process of plant protection products, as part of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), or as requirements for agricultural practices at the national level. 

Successful adaptation to these changes and to future regulations will depend on the acquisition of basic knowledge and expertise today. This includes familiarization with agro-environmental measures, even if they are not yet mandatory, as well as their practical implementation and a systematic evaluation of their real value for biodiversity.

As a company with many years of experience in various topics related to biodiversity, we are well-positioned to provide our customers with the edge they need in this key area.

We believe that sustainable management of biodiversity is only possible in cooperation with farmers. Competent consultation is an important way of supporting food producers in the implementation of measures to enhance biodiversity. 

tier3’s independence from stakeholders ensures that our consulting is fair and objective. We operate at all times on the principle that any proposed measure must be practically feasible.

Our wide range of experience allows us to provide a wide range of services. We are familiar with the regulatory context and know if, for example, the registration process of a plant protection product requires the implementation of measures to improve biodiversity. Furthermore, we are experienced in the financial compensation opportunities available to farmers. This is complemented by our extensive practical experience in this area.

Our services

Project coordination

With our long-term experience in coordinating projects at the national and international level, tier3 solutions has the network and the know-how to align different stakeholders and their needs in order to achieve common goals.

We can manage task forces and handle communication with authorities, especially with our expert knowledge.

Practical implementation

Our focus is on developing feasible and easy-to-implement measures to meet regulatory requirements and improve biodiversity. Our team of experts has several years of practical experiences how to implement different measurements in a variety of agricultural farm business. We can run consultancy campaigns by our own staff or mentor local organisations how to perform biodiversity trainings to farmers.

Monitoring and scientific support

Our professional team of experts offers, also long-term, scientific support to monitor and assess the success of any measures taken. Monitoring results can easily be used to optimise measurements further. 

Biodiversity and regulation of PPP authorizations

Do the regulatory bodies ask you to link approvals and authorizations of your active substances and products with biodiversity measurements?