tier3 solutions Workshop
"From the field to the risk assessment"



On 18th September the tier3 solutions workshop „from the field to the risk assessment“ with more than 40 participants from European regulatory authorities, Industry and CROs took place at the tier3 premises in Leverkusen.


The entire higher tier tool box of field study types was presented, including practical demonstrations, and the adequate design and evaluation of generic studies (Focal species, PT/PD), residue trials and field effects studies was vividly discussed.

Participants exchanged opinions and experiences and looked at the way forward for refined birds and mammals risk assessments and the importance of realistic data from sound field trials.

Emphasized were also useful statistical tools and how to present complex study results in ‚digestible‘ reports ‘ready to use’ in the regulatory process.


We thank all participants for a very interesting and productive day!




Our presented posters at


Setac Europe - 28th Annual Meeting,
13. - 17.05.2018, Rome (Italy)

Optimising design and analysis of acute effect field studies
Vertebrate risks assessments of a plant protection product (PPP) may indicate ...
Poster presentation Ralf Dittrich.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 882.9 KB
Field-effect studies as a suitable method to assess effects of plant protection products on free-living common voles (Microtus arvalis): A case study with the fungicide iprodione
After foliar spray application of a plant protection product on crops, food sources of ...
Poster presentation Olaf Fülling.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.6 MB
NTTPs – vegetative vs. reproductive endpoints - Is the potential increase in protectivity an indication of sensitivity or of relevance? (modelled vs. real data)
Herbicides are currently assessed for effects on non- target terrestrial plants (NTTP) by testing ...
Poster presentation Heino Christl.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 855.2 KB

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