Our services

We provide scientific and regulatory expertise to ensure the safe use and authorisation of plant protection products and other control agents.

We also provide scientific expertise for environmental services like conservation relevant biodiversity studies or impact assessment of green energy projects.

Field Studies

Our highly-trained field team consists of biologists, agricultural engineers and environmental scientists who offer many years of combined experience and work together to design and conduct terrestrial ecotoxicology field studies with plant protection products (PPPs) that are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs.

Regulatory Science

Significant resources of the Regulatory Science Team have been devoted to developing statistical methods and modelling tools/procedures. Such developments play an increasingly important role within the regulatory community and are highly relevant for the planning and analysis of our field studies, risk assessments and the registration work.

Regulatory Affairs

Our experts have detailed knowledge of data requirements for the registration and re-registration of active substances and PPPs as specified in current EU legislation, country-specific regulations and current guidance documents. The strong technical knowledge of the registration support team ensures fast and effective work, coupled with reliable regulatory compliance.

Quality Assurance

The QA team accompanies the organisation and conduct of GLP field studies from the study plan, through the experimental phase to reporting, thus ensuring compliance with GLP guidelines. With the background of conducting experiments in the fields by ourselves, we provide efficient quality assurance being aware of the challenges arising with field studies. We assure the high quality standard of the test facility by working with utmost care and accuracy.

Biological plant protection

tier3 solutions GmbH has been following a holistic approach to plant protection, conducting field studies for integrated pest management (IPM) and the protection of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes for over ten years.


Our scientific expertise as well as our long-standing experience in the cooperation with farmers enables us to develop and support solutions for the enhancement of biodiversity in agricultural ecosystems. Apart from our knowledge and experience biodiversity is also a topic that everyone in our company really cares for. Our services include the development of agri-environmental measures, counselling and support with the implementation for farmers as well as biological monitoring and project coordination.