Our team​

Our competent and motivated team brings together decades of work experience in environmental toxicology, ecotoxicology and other related fields. tier3 study directors have a high level of technical knowledge and project management skills that have enabled the successful completion of a broad range of GLP studies for many international clients. Our international staff from a range of disciplines has extensive experience conducting GLP field studies for the agrochemical sector. In addition to field techniques, our team has a strong background in data analysis, interpretation, and report production. All staff members are trained in the GLP working method.

The management team

Our expert teams

Our highly-trained field team consists of biologists, agricultural engineers and environmental scientists who offer many years of combined experience and work together to design and conduct terrestrial ecotoxicology field studies with plant protection products (PPPs) that are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs.

The Regulatory Science team links regulatory expertise to current scientific knowledge. Our aim is to explore innovative solutions for the problems of our customers by going beyond the standard. The services that we provide reach from precise data analysis to advanced statistics and modelling to the publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Our Regulatory Affairs team provide a full registration support of active substances and PPP in the EU. We have scientific experts for identity, physical and chemical properties, analytical methods, toxicology, metabolism and residues, environmental fate and ecotoxicology.

The QA team accompanies the organisation and conduct of GLP field studies from the study plan, through the experimental phase to reporting, thus ensuring compliance with GLP guidelines.