Environmental Services & Conservation​ Studies

We provide scientific expertise for environmental services like impact assessment of green energy projects (wind- & solar-farming, hydroelectric power plants, electric line systems etc.) from literature reviews to GIS analysis and field monitoring of flora and fauna, using modern survey techniques, such as camera traps, drones, GPS tracking etc. 

Additionally, we offer conservation-relevant biodiversity studies on species that are not currently covered by EU pesticide risk assessments and chemical legislations. This includes bats, amphibians, reptiles and some arthropod groups.  

Typical biodiversity studies entail the identification and description of plant and animal communities in an area or the assessment of biodiversity change in response to specific measures.   

Services that we provide in this area include:  

  • Short- and long-term monitoring of the effects of environmental impacts on flora, fauna and ecosystem services  
  • Stewardship measures on farmland biota 
  • Monitoring of beneficial organism enhancement programs (pollinators and natural enemies)  

Our interdisciplinary experts have experience designing and implementing biodiversity monitoring studies for a range of needs.

We also have experience conducting biodiversity studies on species which are not currently covered by EU pesticide risk assessments.