Project coordination​

Biodiversity in agriculture is a complex issue, and viable solutions can often only be achieved through a change in perspective and by involving different stakeholders.

For many projects, especially those with long-term goals and involving multiple stakeholders, linking different areas of expertise into an interdisciplinary team is key. Our consultants have a wide range of expertise and in the past we have worked with external stakeholders and individuals from many backgrounds, including local environmentalists, members of agricultural institutions and experts for certain plant or animal species. With our long-term experience in coordinating projects at the national and international level, tier3 solutions has the network and the know-how to align different stakeholders and their needs in order to achieve common project goals.

Project management at tier3 solutions:

To ensure successful project management, the project organization needs to be embedded into the existing primary business organization.

tier3 solutions combines key practical field knowledge, regulatory expertise with customized project management.

We support our clients with customized and purely solution-oriented strategies!

We ensure an efficient communication and low administrative burdens combined with an excellent scientific expertise.