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May 2021

Don´t miss the expert talk of Heino Christl and Anja Russ

“More Treatment Levels DO Increase Robustness of Dose-Response Curves – an Urban Legend?” – Track 6.03

May 2021

Our posters in Track 2.1

“Spatial use of an agrarian landscape by linnets (Linaria cannabina) in late summer in Central Europe”

“Focal species aerial survey in ecotox field studies – a near future technique?”

January 2021

Season’s greetings and a sincere thank you for your confidence in us

We look forward to support you in the New Year and wish you a successful 2021!

December 2020

We have renewed and extend our GLP certificate

We have renewed and extend our GLP certificate – see our new services for Ecotox and Residue studies.

December 2020

Are there any residues in honey?

You are looking for a partner who combines the knowledge and experience of conducting residue and ecotox field studies?

November 2020

Do you need support for the submissions of Plant Protection Products, using #IUCLID 6?

With the latest #IUCLID6.5 version available, we are pleased to inform you that our Regulatory Affairs team has successfully implemented the tool and is now offering complete support in managing scientific data entries and …

October 2020

Lost in translation? Literature search and review under Regulation 1107/2009

Our new service: Systematic review of peer-reviewed open literature for the registration of plant protection products in compliance with the EU legislation and the EFSA guidance.

October 2020

Higher tier field effect studies

It is yet another year with a high abundance of common voles in Central Europe. The entrances to the burrows can easily be recognized.

September 2020

Expansion of residue trials on honey to our pollinator studies

We are pleased to announce the addition of residue trials on honey to our pollinator studies portfolio.

August 2020

Ecotox residue studies - Expanding methods

Ecotox residue studies – Expanding methods to trap nocturnal insects with light traps in 3-D crops, e.g. in orchards, has been successful!

June 2020

Why you should use video to supplement study reports?

Amanda Prosser makes great videos to support our wildlife field studies.

Take a look at her new video:

June 2020

Expansion of our Regulatory services

tier3 solutions is happy to announce further expansion of our Regulatory services – in particular:


May 2020

Our posters and presentations at SETAC Europe 30th Annual Meeting, 03. – 07.05.2020, Dublin (Ireland), Online Meeting

June 2019

Our posters and presentations at SETAC Europe 29th Annual Meeting, 26. – 30.05.2019, Helsinki (Finland)

February 2019

New publication of the tier3 team!

Dittrich R, Giessing B, Benito M Maria, Russ A, Wolf C, Foudoulakis M, Norman S(2019): Multiyear Monitoring of Bird Communities in Chlorpyrifos-Treated Orchards in Spain and the United Kingdom: Spatial and Temporal Trends…

January 2019

MRLs in honey: Expansion of honeybee services to Food and Dietary Safety

Honey has been considered as a food of animal origin (Annex I of Regulation 396/2005)and therefore, determination of the magnitude of pesticide residues and subsequent setting of maximum residues level (MRLs) in honey has to be considered in EU risk assessments.

September 2018

tier3 solutions Workshop: "From the field to the risk assessment"

On 18th September the tier3 solutions workshop „from the field to the risk assessment“ with more than 40 participants from European regulatory authorities, Industry and CROs took place at the tier3 premises in Leverkusen.

May 2018

Our presented posters at Setac Europe 28th Annual Meeting, 13. – 17.05.2018, Rome (Italy)

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