MRLs in honey (SANTE/11956/2016 rev. 9):
Expansion of honeybee services to Food and Dietary Safety

January 2019

Honey has been considered as a food of animal origin (Annex I of Regulation 396/2005) and therefore, determination of the magnitude of pesticide residues and subsequent setting of maximum residues level (MRLs) in honey has to be considered in EU risk assessments.

Responding to the high demand for these MRL trials following the technical guideline published 14 Sep 2018, tier3 solutions GmbH has expanded its honeybee services. We offer semi-field studies for determining maximum residue levels (MRLs) in honey according to SANTE/11956/2016 rev. 9 in the central and the southern regulatory zone.

Our portfolio of testing and expertise is constantly growing. If you are interested in residue studies of other bee products or bee relevant matrices, contact us to discuss your requirements. We will find your solution.