We provide scientific and regulatory expertise to ensure the safe use and authorisation of plant protection products and other control agents according.

Our services include

Field Studies​

We conduct GLP field studies and semi-field studies for the registration and approval of plant protection products (PPP) and other control agents or environmental impact assessments.

Regulatory Science​​​

Our Regulatory Science service links regulatory expertise to state-of-the-art science. Within regulatory science, we address a variety of topics related to product registrations and beyond, like higher tier risk assessments, scientific publications, modelling and more…

Regulatory Affairs​​​

From now on, we are able to provide a full regulatory support for all sections of active substances and PPP in the EU.

Quality Assurance

Our QA (quality assurance) service provides efficient QA under  GLP being aware of the challenges arising with field studies. 



Our services include the development of agri-environmental measures, counselling and support with the implementation for farmers as well as biological monitoring and project coordination.