Practical implementation

Due to our extensive experience in the registration of plant protection products and of cooperating with farmers, we have the abilities to develop pragmatic and effective agro-environmental measures adapted to farming operations in conventional agricultural enterprises. Our focus is on developing measures, which fulfill the requirements of the authorities and can be practically implemented. 

Consultations are always adapted to the individual enterprise, varying in size, configuration and operational goals. Additionally, we consider the opportunities for future development that arise from the existing state of biodiversity at a given farm site. 

Again, we operate on the premise that a realistic, practical implementation is the primary objective here. Reports are short and precise and include specific recommendations for action as well as information on potential financial compensation from governmental funds. 

We also provide assistance with the implementation of these actions. Our team of field biologists and agricultural engineers is ready to provide on-the-ground support to farmers in realizing any planned measures. We can also provide training for farm personnel in this particular field.


The assessment of the potential improvements and corresponding advice provides a lot of important information for the farmers, so that our reports are as practically oriented as possible. However, sometimes some practical help with implementing new measures may be needed. For this purpose, our experienced team of field biologists and agricultural economists is ready to support the professional implementation of biodiversity measures. In doing so, it is important to us that we support farmers as much as possible in a hands-on manner and involve them in this process.

In addition, training courses can be offered for employees in this area. Here, our focus is on communicating practice and theory in such a way that individual employees can pass on their knowledge to others and thus become multipliers in the area of biodiversity.