and PPP authorizations

We all know that Regulatory Affairs has become increasingly diverse over the last couple of years. 

Do the regulatory bodies ask you to link authorizations of your actives and products with biodiversity measurements? 

Do you feel the pressure from farmers and cooperatives to support them proofing the effects and benefits of biodiversity measures before using your products? 

You want to make the difference to your competitors?

We can support you settling all these questions and getting a sound, scientific and regulatory profile on your biodiversity actions!

Why you should choose tier3 solutions!

We at tier3 solutions have been an active part of this development, assisting our clients to gain registrations, also considering biodiversity issues. This can help you to obtain a sound registration.

Our experts have detailed knowledge of data requirements for the registration and re-registration of active substances and PPPs as specified in current EU guidelines, country-specific regulations and guidance documents. The strong technical knowledge of the Regulatory Affairs team ensures fast and effective work, coupled with reliable regulatory compliance.

This expertise is augmented by a deep reservoir of in-house specialist knowledge provided by senior staff members, which can be mobilised to handle complex authority requests or other non-standard situations that may arise during the registration process.